Friday, November 11, 2011

Froyo Snackins

It took careful explanation by a "fandroid" over lunch one day to understand Froyo, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich.  Are they even trying?  Is there a dartboard somewhere in Google headquarters with a dessert menu stapled to it?

If you struggle like me with all the TOMS shoe-wearing meme-ery going on around the Android camp, you'll be happy to know that each subsequent "major" version of an Android operating system gets a new name, and each new name starts with the next letter in the alphabet.  Froyo begat Gingerbread, which begat Ice Cream Sandwich (F-G-I).

Given that, the next Android OS name will begin with a "J", the one after that a "K", and so on.  Which got me to thinking...if I were to be as dopey as possible, what names would I come up with for future Android releases?

The following is the fruit of that labor.

  • J - tough call, but either Jelly Roll or Jujube
  • K - should be Key Lime Pie, but with these people you might well get Kaiserschmarrn
  • L - Ladyfinger?  Maybe, but that ruins tiramisu later.  I'm going with Lemon Bar
  • M - Mincemeat Pie.  Yes, going for stupid intentionally.  Tough to out-stupid "Froyo".
  • N - They like cold stuff don't they.  Neapolitan Sundae?
  • O - would ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE Oreo Cookie, but if that would cost them a cent, you'll get Orange Sherbet and like it.
  • P - Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Q - um, let's hope the next great thing is out by then.
Happy Friday.

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