Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sender Policy Framework

Got turned on to an IETF draft standard that, hopefully, will not only eliminate some spoofed e-mail traffic on the web, but allow our outgoing mail to be accepted more readily.

The draft is entitled "Sender Policy Framework", and allows mail servers a way to check whether or not incoming e-mail originated from the server(s) authorized to send mail for that domain.

It's pretty simple to do with your DNS registrar...if it helps, I can't see a downside to doing it. Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing - right?

By the way, I've never mentioned it, but Postini is godsend to anyone who handles internet e-mail. There are folks who argue that appliances & software in their data center is the way to go - these people must have more money and bandwidth than they need.

Do the math - outsource it!

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KOB said...

Cool blog, flattered that the CW story inspired you. (I'm the reporter who wrote the story, although I'm logging in here from my personal blogging account) good luck with the effort. Pat Thibodeau