Friday, June 24, 2005

Some days...

Had to let a fairly new HelpDesk technician go today, amid numerous accounts of smarmy, arrogant comments and attitudes, breach of procedure, unprofessionalism, and a cloud of doubt surrounding some missing equipment.

He interviewed very well, seemed more than capable of handling the pressure and demands of the position...pretty sad stuff.

Each failure provides a lesson to be learned. I guess this is why most companies aren't interested in bringing in outside individuals for management positions until they've become "seasoned". Each time we have to cycle someone through our HelpDesk, we're able to learn which traits perceivable in an interview are good, and which ones are not. He had us all fooled though, which makes me at least feel a bit better.

Now we get to see whether or not IBM's anti-theft mechanisms really work. This should be fun.

On another note, it seems that Novell was able to fix the issue with their ZSM product by changing two binaries. It took developers around a week to correct, test, and release the update to us. It was not our fault at all, it was genuinely broken for over 6 years. This was just something that should have been tested and wasn't...and apparently, we're the first Novell customer to ever press them on it. Sweet redepmtion!

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